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Your local sports chiropractor in Peoria is well equipped to assist individuals of any age that suffer with sports related injuries. Sports injuries are very common, both amongst experienced athletes and avid sports lovers who play sport for fun. Chiropractors provide safe, gentle and effective treatment to alleviate pain caused by a sports-related injury and enhance range of motion to prevent further injury. Chiropractors use spinal manipulation, manual therapy and other non-surgical treatments to correct skeletal problems. In Peoria, chiropractors also offer other services such as pregnancy tests and x-rays, and general health exams.

A licensed sports chiropractor in Peoria can treat a variety of sports injuries including tennis elbow, tendinitis, whiplash, tennis head injuries, soft tissue injuries and sports related arthritis. A skilled sports chiropractor in Peoria can also treat soft tissue problems, chronic fatigue syndrome, migraine headaches, menstrual disorders, fertility issues, lupus, thyroid problems, rheumatoid arthritis, shingles, stroke, anxiety attacks, low back pain, neck pain, tendonitis and facial injuries. Chiropractors can also treat conditions such as urinary tract infections, low grade fevers, sinusitis, asthma, osteoporosis, shoulder and neck pain and many more.

There are a variety of ways a chiropractor in Peoria can help treat sports related injuries. In order to treat an individual's sports injury, a sports chiropractor in Peoria will first perform an evaluation. The evaluation will identify the source of the problem and the extent of the injury. After the initial evaluation, a recommended course of action will be suggested.

One of the ways a professional peoria sports chiropractor in Peoria can help a patient is by realigning the spine. In most cases, this includes the use of spinal decompression techniques. In some cases, adjustments to the spinal column may include transverse manipulation or a combination of spinal decompression and manual therapy. Specific spinal adjustments may be required for some patients while other patients may only need a gentle pressure to the affected area. Additional treatments such as ultrasound and laser may be used on a periodic basis to help with pain and swelling.

Chiropractors in Peoria are trained to handle most types of sports related injuries and have experience in using non-surgical treatments to help with pain management. They also have the skills necessary to administer other non-surgical treatments. These include cold compression and ice packs. This type of treatment is sometimes used before actual surgery in order to minimize any post-operative inflammation. Neuromuscular therapy and ultrasound may also be used on a periodic basis to help improve motor function. Manual therapy such as traction and ultrasound may also be used for rehabilitation purposes.

A licensed and certified sports injury chiropractic in Peoria is a good choice for anyone who has had an injury to one of their discs or their spinal cord. Many times, chiropractic care is needed immediately after an injury is treated. An athlete or a person who is engaged in a sport where they may receive a direct blow to their neck or spine should contact a professional sports injury chiropractor in Peoria to get immediate relief from pain and improve their overall functioning. Chiropractors in Peoria are trained to give their clients the attention and care that they need when they are injured. Because sports are so physical, a Chiropractor in Peoria can make the difference between recovery and being unable to continue your sports.

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